Light and the Word of God

Podcast update for August 2019: Light and the Word of God. For a complete lesson plan download (Adobe PDF) please visit the download page at:

This audio file was recorded with all analog, vacuum tube microphone and hardware to AMPEX Grand Master magnetic tape.

Equipment includes a Telefunken CU-29 microphone; an United Audio LA-610 MKII vacuum tube preamp and T4 optical compressor; Aphex 204; and a Harman Kardon 4400 deck.

Vacuum tubes include a 1945 Western Electric; early 1960's Raytheons, RCAs and Geneneral Electrics. All are being used for the very first time. In the case of the Western Electric, it was producing electrons for the first time in 75 years.

A MasterLink 9600 was used for analog to digital conversion.

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